Thursday, 1 March 2018

Thursday more kms

Still sore from the needling, but ran with Liam, JB and Jasp. 15km for me in 1:09.08 (4:37s) felt okay and we picked it up in a middle a bit. Just rode 16km before lunch on Friday.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Sore Wed

Sore calves from the spikes on Tuesday night, plus a massage and some light needling had me pretty sore Wednesday night. The plan was just to jog anyway so did the warm up with the boys and watched them do the session while running. Ended up with 13.3 in 1:01 (4:35s). Still sore and just about to get out for a run now, easy tomorrow and hopefully they'll settle down before Saturday morning hills.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Melbourne University 5000m D - 4th in 16:16

Monday night just jogged 6km while everyone else warmed up for the session. Strides as well and called it there. Talked all things Vic Juniors as we jogged, Liam ran a national qualifier in the 800 and Jason came second in the 3000.

It was hot all day so drunk plenty of water, got to the track about an hour before and warmed up with Brodie and Sam. Spikes on, did some strides. Bloke calling the names forgot to call me to the line classic. I started in the second row because of that which annoyed me but I got out well and straight to the inside. Bit of pushing all around but I held my place which was ideal, very relaxed felt very strong.

People jumpy as for the first kilometre everyone was trying to overtake and get into a good position, but it was a good pace for me so I just let it go. Through the first km in 3:15ish and the group split into 2. I went wide and jumped on the group chasing the leaders. It was the right call otherwise the second km would've slowed right up.

The woman calling splits was all over the place what she was calling out seemed so off. I swear she said 7:10 through 2km and I'm like surely that can't be right, I can't have just dropped a 4 min km. I talked to Dad afterwards though and he reckons I ran 3:15s the whole way round. Started hurting with 5 laps to go then definitely at 4 laps to go. Still rolling around picking people off which was great. Caught Brodie with 2 to go and went by chasing the 3rd place. Got the third place with a lap to go and tried to go. He came back around with 200 left, before Brodie challenged but I managed to stay ahead.

16:16 across the line I'm so happy. Paced it well and everything went to plan. Jogged a cool down with Jake after he ran a 15:30 before watching the A race in which they went sub 14 so that was great to watch.

Sunday, 25 February 2018


Rested up on Friday and flew to Sydney that evening. Very early start on Saturday morning to catch the curl curl parkrun, absolute stitch up starts at 7, surely everyone could go an hour later. To be fair it was warm as by the end. Warmed up before meeting with the fam. I really wanted to see what I could do but this race on Tuesday means I had to take it easier. I might try and spend a weekend in Sydney to see if I can post a solid time. Ran with Dad so he could hopefully go under 19. He ended up with 19:14 which he was happy with and I felt very comfortable so win win. Cooled down with Tom and co before hitting up emporio for brekky which was top quality both days.

Sunday flew home and got out for a jog in the evening just a couple of km plus a few strides legs felt good. Taking t easy really does my head in but I need this, even if it is only 3 days.

Thursday, 22 February 2018


Wednesday night we were on the grass. Bit faster this week 8 x 400 with 1:15 jog in between. Stoked with how I'm training at the moment, easily a few seconds slower on the grass as well.

69.2, 69.2, 69.7, 69.4, 68.7, 68.3, 68.4, 64.5

Last 4 barefoot, god it makes you feel so much better with no shoes on grass. 

Thursday night ran with jB 15km in 1:09.43 like 4:40s. Finally getting used to 15km on a Thursday. 

All the pros are posting Fortnite Ws on their Insta stories. These clowns genuinely have no idea what they're doing. Jakob Ingebristen and Luke Mathews do not want to meet me at tilted towers that's for sure, this movement is too nice, I'm following the stream and hitting my shots. 

Tuesday, 20 February 2018


Sunday morning decided to ditch ferny and run along the beach with JB, Jasp and Erica. 21.1 done in just under 1:38 (4:38s). Great long run although definitely felt the concrete towards the end. I'll try doing an 1:45 at Ferny creek after these races within the next few weeks.

Training on Monday was 6 x 3 mins hard with 1 minute jog and the wind was next level. It was in your face for a good 500m on each lap and as JB pointed out we did start in the worst position to catch it on each effort but there you go. Ended up running well though just over 6.2 done in the 23 mins. But without that wind I reckon I would've made it 4 or 500m further. 13.4 all up.

Decided on a perfect 40km loop that will be my Tuesday regular from now on. The wind was trying to hold on from the night before which didn't make it easy, but in all honesty my legs were out of it after the workout. Lots of stretching before workies, last sesh tonight before Tuesday race.

Friday, 16 February 2018


Smashed a granola bar half an hour before the warm up on Wednesday and felt better for it I'd say. Lesley said 8-10 400s with a 200 jog. I settled on 10 but honestly I wish we were all given the same session and put everyone on the same page. Jasp and Liam were on the fast 300s, but hopefully they'll be back with us after states if they don't get national qs. 

On the grass track, which does have a cheeky hill in it we've come to notice and since they cut down some of the trees the wind has become a pain. Anyway trained really well, most of it solo chasing the others but a few reps with Harry. 

Lost the shoes for the last 4 which broke it up perfectly and put something back in the legs. Most of these were between seconds like .5 or so.

71, 72, 73, 74, 72, 74, 73, 72, 71, 68

Cooled down for 13km and some tight calves.

Thursday night met up with pre and post malone for a run along the beach. Ended up with 15.3 in just under 4:30s. Felt so good honestly and we picked it up in the back half. Friday was just 15km on the bike and had me feeling better after than before so ideal.
Woke up on Saturday not wanting to run but drove my lazy build down the Jells park. Huge squad, some good weather and that's all I needed. Ran really well getting it done in 22:30, all of the reps between 68 and 74. Can't wait to race next Tuesday, I really reckon I can run pretty fast.